Military History of the Brecks 1900 – 1949

The Breckland Society is running a Military History of the Brecks Project 1900 – 1949.  There  are a surprising amount of very important sites in the Brecks: WW1 tank training grounds; training, army and POW camps, airfields and bunkers.  The project will provide some training in archival research for volunteers including archaeological fieldwork and oral history recording. Perhaps more interestingly is a chance to walk and survey some of these sites; we are even trying to arrange access to normally strictly off-limits sites within the STANTA battle area – I would stress that nothing is confirmed yet!

Attending the training events is an essential requirement to come and survey the sites.

Beachamwell pillbox
Beachamwell pillbox

Our first event will be at 13.15 on Friday 19th February at Suffolk Record Office (SRO) in Bury St Edmunds.  The SRO staff will be showing us around, how to use the reading room, and displaying some of their relevant documents.  It will be free to attend and would be a perfect starting point for anyone totally new to archival research.

Anyone interested should contact Peter Goulding by e-mail at

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